Garden Landscaping Services Dublin and Wicklow

Our success is attributed to the quality of workmanship and the beauty of our landscaping and garden design. To this end we only use the finest plants and best construction materials. It takes many factors to achieve a quality garden. The following is a breakdown of the different landscaping services we cover to complete a garden. We provide our services to clients across the Dublin and Wicklow areas. Patios and Paving
Patios and paving are an ideal way to transform your garden into a functional and family friendly space. We construct our patios and paving with the finest of materials including granite, limestone, sandstone, travertine, bradstone and much more! We provide our patio and paving services across the Dublin and Wickow areas. Learn more about our patios and paving services here.
low maintenance gardens
Between work and home commitments, you might not have as much time as you like to spend caring for your garden. That is why we provide a low maintenance garden design services for clients across Dublin and Wicklow. This is a bespoke service that will consider your landscaping requirements and the amount of time you would like to spend maintaining your garden. Learn more about our low maintenance garden design services here.

Driveways can add significant aesthetic and financial value to your property. We are experienced in constructing functional yet beautiful driveways for clients across the Dublin and Wicklow areas. Some of the driveway options include gravel, cobblelock, resin bond and natural stone. Learn more about our driveway services here.
garden lighting
Garden lighting adds a relaxing ambiance to any garden design. At, we design lighting that adds aesthetic value to your garden while turning the space into a functional area any time of the day. We provide this service to clients across the greater Dublin and Wicklow areas. Learn more about our garden lighting services here.
Garden Sheds
Whether you need a shed for storing garden tools, as a chill out area or something more extravagant, we will work with you to make sure that your shed is integrated within your garden design. We design and build bespoke sheds for customers across the Dublin and Wicklow areas. Learn more about our shed services here.
garden fencing
Fencing is an important part of your overall landscaping design. It helps define your space while adding privacy to your garden. We will work with you to design a fence that compliments the style and tone of your garden design. Let us transform your garden with stunning fencing. We provide this service to customers across Dublin and Wicklow. Learn more about our fencing here.
Planting is one of the most important stages in any landscaping design project. We have vast experience in plant selection and we will work with you to select the planting that will help your dream garden come alive. Learn more about our planting here.
garden decking
Decking can help transform your garden design and create functional space for you and your family to enjoy. We construct our decking with long lasting and high quality materials that will add value to your home. If you live in Dublin or Wicklow, we can help transform your garden with robust and aesthetic decking. Learn more about our decking here.
water features
Water features are an amazing additional that can help transform your garden into an oasis of calm and tranquillity. The sound of water is calming while the ebb and flow of water will give a sense of relaxation in your garden. Learn more about our water features here.

Pergolas are an elegant feature for any garden design. Whether you want a seating area or simply enhance your garden, a pergola will enhance the style of your garden. Learn more about our pergolas here.
wheelie bin screens
Wheelie bin screens are a discreet way for you to secure your bins. We construct bespoke while bin screens to work alongside your garden design. Learn more about our wheelie bin screens here.
raised beds
Complete your dream garden design with raised beds. Raised beds can be used for planting, water features and much more. We have extensive experience constructing raised beds for clients across Dublin and Wicklow. Learn more about our raised beds here.
synthetic grass
We install high quality synthetic grass for clients across Dublin and Wicklow. Whether you need to enhance your garden or construct a putting green, this service will provide you with an ideal replacement for real grass. Learn more about our synthetic grass here.
garden design

Our team has vast experience designing small, medium and large gardens for clients across Dublin and Wicklow. Learn more about our garden design here.

Award Winning Landscaping Services in Dublin and Wicklow

Kevin Baumann is the founder of and an award winning landscaper and garden designer servicing the Dublin and Wicklow areas. Kevin provides a wide range of garden design and landscaping services to his clients including the design and construction of patios and paving, water features, synthetic grass gardens, driveways, low maintenance garden design gardens, pergolas garden feature, garden decking and planting. Contact Kevin today and start a wonderful journey to transform your garden into a beautiful oasis of calm and tranquility. Contact us today for:

- Award winning and quality landscaping and garden design services in Dublin and Wicklow

- Custom design your garden to your specific requirements

- Vast knowledge of planting

- Robust construction

- Creative design that will bring all your ideas to life before your eyes

- A team of landscaping professionals that you can trust with designing your dream garden

But, don't just take our word for it. You can see the quality of our work in our landscaping blog and check out customer reviews and success stories. If you like what you see, contact our team and take the next step toward designing your ideal garden.

1. How much does landscaping cost?

This will depend on the size of your landscaping project. Contact our team using the quote button and let us know the scope of your project to get started. 

2. What areas do you serve?

We provide our landscaping services across the Dublin and Wicklow areas. 

3. How do I find a reputable landscaper?

We would recommend finding a landscaper with a proven track record in delivering client success. Awards are also a good sign that the company has achieved high standards. Referrals are also a great way so ask your friends and neighbors.  

4. What information do I need to get a landscaping quote?

You need to start by visualizing the features and design of your dream garden and then write everything down in a brief. This will help the landscaper provide you with an accurate quote based upon your brief. You can also provide photographs and the size of your garden.   

5. How long does a landscaping project take? 

This will depend on the scope and scale of your project. We would take the size of your garden, the features you need and the complexity of the design into consideration. The best way to get an idea of this is to prepare your brief in advance of requesting a quote. The more detail you can provide the more accurate and faster the timeline for the project and quote will be prepared.