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Water Features Dublin and Wicklow

Water Feature in Castleknock, Dublin, Ireland

Beautiful semi circular pond and granite rill water feature

Water is a versatile feature bringing light, movement and sound into a garden. Water features are therapeutic to mind and soul while at the same time increasing the value of your home. One of the biggest advantages of water features is the amount of wildlife they attract to gardens.

At K.J. Baumann we build all types of water features from basic to elaborate. We provide water features to clients across the Dublin and Wicklow areas. The video and images below you can get an idea of the type of features that we design and install in gardens. We also provide other landscaping services such as outdoor lighting, decking and planting, which can compliment your water features and the overall design of your garden.

Water features are a great way to spruce up any garden design.  Water features add life and movement to a garden design. The sound of water has an almost meditative quality about it and you can bring this quality with a well design water feature in your garden. Your garden does not have to be of a grand scale to have a water feature. Indeed, some smaller gardens that have water features really stand out from the crowd.

When you add outdoor garden lighting with water features you can really create some cool lighting and design effects. Water and light are a great combination to get a modern look in your garden design. You can point your lighting under or above the water feature to highlight certain areas of the design. Remember you can be as creative as you like when designing your garden so think outside the box. Have a look at the child friendly water feature in this garden that we designer for some inspiration!

We install many types of water features, fountains and ponds that can be added to you garden design. You can request a quote below on a range of water feature designs.

Water Features Video

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