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Lean Too Shed
Lean Too Shed

Garden sheds are a must for most garden design. They provide much needed space and protection where the barbecue, lawnmower etc can be stored out of sight. The garden shed should become a feature within the garden offering depth, character and a place for a path to lead to, thus drawing you into the space.

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Garden Shed Video reel

At we supply and fit custom built garden sheds, offices, sheebeens etc for clients across Dublin and Wicklow. The materials we use are of the highest quality comprising of Scandinavian white deal for the sections and polyester unrippable felt for the roof. There are 2 paint types we use, Sadolins wood preservative for that traditional shed finish or Dulux colour trend for that bespoke finish. We have been designing and building garden sheds for the last 40 years and have built up a reputation for durability, beauty and quality. Along with garden sheds we also build:


Sheenbeens are a historic way to enjoy the company of family and friends in Ireland. Company is often enjoyed over a drink and good conversation. We design and build custom-made sheebeens that will provide a socialising epicenter for your garden and will provide endless days and nights of entertainment.

Garden Offices

Garden offices have surged in popularity since the beginning of the covid pandemic. The work-from home policies that many workers now enjoy have increased demand for garden offices. We design and build garden offices that are comfortable and functional places for work. The design will complement any garden and merge seamlessly into garden designs

Potting Sheds

Potting sheds are designed for gardeners as resting place and also to store gardening tools and materials. We can design and build a potting shed that is functional and aesthetic enhancement to any garden design.

Lean Tool Sheds

A lean too shed attaches to the side of an existing building. It is designed for storage and is used by house owners to store everything from bicycles to garden furniture. We construct lean too sheds that are both functional and add aesthetic value to your garden.

Coal Bunkers

Coal bunkers are used for storing coal. The difference with our coal bunkers is that they are an excellent complement to any garden which acts as a functional storage space for coal. We will take your design into consideration and work with you to design and build a coal bunker that works for your garden space.

Dog Kennels

If you are a homeowner with a dog, you’ll be delighted to know that we design and build dog kennels. We work with you to construct a kennel that you and your dog will love. We will also take the garden design and surroundings into consideration to ensure the dog kennels add to the garden design while acting as a functional outdoor home for your dog.

Patio Boxes

Patio boxes are used for storing everything from garden tools to patio furniture. We will design and build a patio box that enhances your patio space while acting as a functional outdoor storage unit.

Bike Sheds

Bike sheds are used to store bicyles for the whole family. We design and build bike sheds that are functional yet aesthetic to the eye. The colour, tone and style of the bike shed can compliment your garden and real value to your property.

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