Gardening Glossary

Landscapers in Dublin for Your Garden Design Project

Polished limestone patio

The summer has nearly arrived! If you are thinking about an enhancement for your garden for the longer and warmer days of summer then leading landscapers in Dublin, will be able to provide you with an innovative garden design make over. With a full range of end to end landscaping services and after care support you can be guaranteed …

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Landscapers Tips on Mulching

Granite cobble mowing edge

Whether you are a DIY expert or landscaper – it is always good to stay on top of your game! Following a visit from our local appliance repair provider, Active Appliance Repairs, I decided that a good topic for today’s blog was tips on mulching! Read on to find out more. A mulch is a layer of bulky organic material …

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Landscapers Tips on Hoeing and Weeding

Weeds can be a landscapers worst nightmare! They are a threat to every flower garden and must be kept at bay. Dublin landscapers and landscapers across Ireland will tell you that it is a constant battle against weeds. They are unsightly and a give a ragged look to the bed of a border. With small plants such as rockery perennials, …

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Tips on Getting Your Soil Ready for Gardening

Every landscaper needs to be prepared for planting seeds and plants. There are a number of ways that you can prepare your soil for this: Double Digging Double digging is recommended for landscapers who want to prepare their soil. It is done to aerate the topsoil and break up the subsoil. The first step is to dig out a trench …

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Tips on Planting Material

Landscapers across Ireland use a variety of planting material in their garden design. Plants rarely recover from a poor start in life so I would advice to check the specimens that you are thinking about buying. If you buy stock before you are ready to plant I would recommend that you keep your stock in a cool place. Container Grown …

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