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Tips on Getting Your Soil Ready for Gardening

Every landscaper needs to be prepared for planting seeds and plants. There are a number of ways that you can prepare your soil for this:

Double Digging

Double digging is recommended for landscapers who want to prepare their soil. It is done to aerate the topsoil and break up the subsoil. The first step is to dig out a trench 18 Inches wide and 12 inches deep at one side of the bed or border. Fork over the bottom of the trench to the full length of the prongs, working in garden compost (landscapers can get compost in garden centres) well rotted manure, leaf mold or peat.  Do not remove small stones as they are beneficial during dry season. Roots of perennial weeds should be removed during digging.

Bedding Plants

In order to induce bushiness Dublin landscapers should pinch out the growing tips about 10 days before planting. Provided the recommended time has arrived get on with the job as quickly as possible. These recommended times are April or May for Hardy Annuals which have been raised indoors. Late May or early June for Hardy Annuals and September or October for Biennials.

Landscape gardeners should water the trays several hours before planting is due to begin. While you are waiting lightly rake the bed but do not add any more fertilizer. Take the tray outdoors and cover with a sheet of paper – dig a hole with a trowel which will be deep enough and wide enough to house the roots without having to bend them. The top of the soil ball should be just below ground level after planting. Lift out the plant from the tray by gently prising it up with the trowel place the young plant into the hole in one operation. Do not lift a clump of plants and leave them by your side to dry out. Dublin landscapers should return the soil removed from the hole and firm with the fingers. Water in and the job is done. A simple job but landscapers should learn to do this quickly.