Landscapers Tips on Hoeing and Weeding

Weeds can be a landscapers worst nightmare! They are a threat to every flower garden and must be kept at bay. Dublin landscapers and landscapers across Ireland will tell you that it is a constant battle against weeds. They are unsightly and a give a ragged look to the bed of a border. With small plants such as rockery perennials, bedding plants and newly planted border perennials there is an added problem – weeds compete for space, food, water etc and can harm or even swamp the garden flowers.

There is no single miracle cure for the weed problem – there are a number of interlinked tasks that you will have to carry out. At soil preparation time remove all the roots of perennial weeds that you can find. This is especially important if you are going to plant a border which will have to stay undisturbed for several years. If the site is a sea of couch grass the you have a real problem. The best plan is to spray with glyphosate – but landscapers should remember to follow the instructions carefully.

When landscapers find weeds that are persistent hoeing is usually the solution. Hoeing must be carried out at regular intervals in order to keep annual weeds in constant check and starve out the underground parts of perennial weeds. Hoeing can do more harm than good in careless hands. Keep away from the stems and do not go deeper than an inch below the surface.

Chemicals have a part to play with some gardeners. Always read the instructions carefully before you use any weedkiller.

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