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Gardening Glossary

Landscapers Advice on Cuttings

Landscapers across Ireland use cuttings for growing in their gardens. A cutting is a small piece removed from a plant which with proper treatment can be induced to form roots and then grow into a specimen which is identical to the parent plant. Techniques have varied throughout time by landscapers. Some landscapers use stem tip cuttings. They are short pieces ... Read More »

Landscapers Advice on Biennial Technique

Here is a blog about the biennial technique. This technique can be used by landscapers in Ireland. If you are a landscaping gardener then this will be of use to you. Uses: Hardy Biennials which can be transplanted into beds in autumn. Hardy perennials which can be transplanted into pots in Autumn. Nearly all named varieties of perennials fail to ... Read More »

Landscapers Tips on Half Hardy Annual Technique

Here are some landscaping tips on half hardy annual technique: Uses Half hardy annuals for bedding out in late spring Hardy annuals for growing in cold and wet sites Hardy annuals for early flowering Perennials where trueness to varietial type is not important. Timing  – March – April Containers Landscaping designers should use a seed tray, pan or ordinary flower pot. ... Read More »

Landscapers Advice on Increasing Stock

If you are landscaper in Dublin or anywhere in Ireland you may want to increase your stock of flowers. There are several methods of raising new plants . Sowing seeds is a relatively inexpensive way for landscapers in Dublin or Ireland to produce a large amount of flowers for their garden. It is the standard way for annuals but beset ... Read More »

Landscapers Advice on the Primula Flower

A vast genus of garden plants – there are tender for indoors water loving varieties for the bog garden, compact and miniature types for the rockery and several sorts described below in this blog, which are excellent for use in the herbaceous border. The dividing line for these groups is not clear cut for landscapers in Ireland. Some so called ... Read More »