Landscaping Ireland – Limonium Flower

While some landscapers know all the Latin phrases for flowers we wouldn’t expect the hobby gardeners to know them all! There are lots and lots of Latin names for flowers and if you know all of them please take a bow! Today we are going to talk about the Stalice or Sea Lavander, in Latin called the Limonium Flower. This flower is very colourful and could be part of your landscaping design plans. If you grow the Limonium Flower for using in your house decorations or flower arranging cut the flowers before they are fully open and tie the stems in bunches. The next step would be for you to hang the flowers upside down in a cool places away from sunglight. If you have a cupboard or basement then this would do nicely.

There are many different colour varities of this flower available for landscaping in Ireland. You can get flowers in white, pink, blue, yellow and orange just to name a few. A good choice for cutting is the Suworowii, a flower with think spikes with tiny pink flowers. If you follow the Half Hardy Annual Technique and plant the flower when the danger of frost is over you should see the best results.  The flowering period is from July to September.

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