Althaea Flower

If you are interested in landscaping design for your garden then you should also be considering how you get that summer garden look.  One way of enhancing your gardens look is by planting flowers beds in your garden. Some flowers take more work than others to maintain but if you ask any landscaper they will tell you it is worth the effort!

One flower that is certainly bright and colourful is the Althaea Flower. It is often called the Hollyhock flower. You can use this flower for landscaping your garden. It has large funnel shaped flowers that provide vibrant summer colours. You can use any normal garden soil for this plant. It will really thrive in a sunny, sheltered location. The flowering period is from July to September. Colour in gardens is important and this flower has vibrant colours when flowering. This is also quite a large plant. It can grow from 3 to 6 Foot tall, adding a it of variety to your garden.

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