Alyssum Flower

This flower is often called the sweet Alyssum. The flower has small honey scented flowers during the summer months which gives the name “sweet Alyssum”. Indigenous to the Mediterranean counties it has a white colour to its flowers. If you are landscaping your garden or trying to add some colour to the landscape this flower could brighten up your garden. The Alyssum flower is used around the edges of flower beds, to fill in those small spaces around stones and used in rockeries to brighten up the appearance.

There are more than one variety of the Alyssum flower. While most people who are landscaping their garden will choose the white variety, there are also the “Little Dorrit”, “Oriental Night” and “Rosie O’Day” variety.

Being native to the Mediterranean, the Alyssum flower will thrive in full sun exposure. You will have to think about this when your landscaping designs are thought out for your garden. The flowering period goes from June to September.

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