Landscapers Advice on The Linum Flower (Flax)

In the this blog I will be giving some landscapers advice and background information on the Linum flower. The Linum flower is also know by the name Flax. It looks gaunt as a single plant but when it is flowering in a large group it provides an impressive sight. If you plant this in your garden it can really look good during the summer months. When there is a good amount of sunshine in Ireland the flowers will bear a lot of flowers. Since we are never guaranteed good weather…it is hard to guarantee this!

When planting this flower any well drained garden soil will do. The Flax dislikes root disturbance and will flower best when you plant it in a location in your garden where it gets the full effects of the sun. I would recommend that you sow seeds in September or April where they are to flower.

And now, a bit of background information about the history of the Flax. The Flax is native to the Mediterranean area. It is one of those plants that can be grown for its seeds. If you are familiar with Flax seed it is probably through linseed oil as linseed oil is made from Flax. It is also used to grow fibers. Like most flowers, there are a wide variety of colours available. White, pink and blue are the most popular colours available. Flax can gro anywhere betwwn 9 Inches and 1/5 Feet tall.

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