Gardening Ideas – Gazania Flower

If you are interested in landscape gardening there are endless possibilities with designs you can make. From using water features, to creating dramatic night time scenes with outdoor garden lighting, you can really transform gardens with your designs. Some of the gardens that showcase interesting garden lighting can be seen in the Leeson Village and Killiney Portfolio. Planting flower are another way that you can create designs and add colour to any Irish garden design. Landscape architects often using a variety of flowers to create their designs. A flower that is good for a sunny bed, border or rockery area is the Gazania flower. This plant is low growing and has a tendency to sprawl. They have stunning daisy like flowers that you can get in a huge variety of colours. When planting the Gazania Flower choose a sunny location in your garden. This is essential for the upkeep of the flower. The flowering period for the Gazania Flower is from June to October.


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