Anchusa Flower

As a landscaper you are constantly looking for ideas and inspiration for garden designs and landscaping. The weather in Ireland causes challanges to landscaping gardens as the seasonal weather is always changing. So, thinking ahead is always a priority when landscaping a garden in Ireland and colour can add new life into old looking gardens.

A flower that has a colour that will add some variety to a garden is the Anchusa Flower. It is usually grown as a perennial but you can find some that are great for bedding or window boxes. This is a flower to add summer colour to your landscaping designs. The flowering period for the Anchusa flower is from July to August. So it is really is a summer flower.

Some of the varieties that you can choose from are the Blue Angel, Bedding Blue and Bird Blue. These varieties can grow up to 9 Inches. When you are planning your landscaping designs you can sow the seeds in April. If you use well drained soil this will help the flowers thrive during the summer months.

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