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Amaranthus Flower

Flowers have been used throughout the centuries for landscaping gardens but also for a food source. This tradition goes back many generations and has seen a resurgence with the growth of the artisan food culture in Ireland. The Amaranthus flower was used during the Aztrec period to prepare ritual drinks and foods. It has a strong red colour that really gives a wow factor to any garden design. The Amaranthus flower is also known as Love-lies-bleeding. During the summer you can see spectacular long tassels of tiny blooms that really add colour to a garden.

This is a tropical plant so you will need to wait until the frost has finished before planting this flower. If there is long periods of heat during the summer months, I would recommend watering the Amaranthus.

The Amaranthus can be used in any landscapers garden. You can plant one or a small group as a centrepiece in a modern bedding system. Landscaping your garden can be fun and this is a great way of adding colour to your garden design.