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Gardening Glossary

Landscapers Advice on Border Perennials

In todays landscapers advice we will be covering advice on border perenialls. There will be useful tips and advice that landscapers can use in their garden designs. Herbaceous perennials are plants which die down every winter and produce new stems and foliage each spring. This standard definition does indeed apply to most herbaceous perennials we grow in the garden, but ... Read More »

Gardening Advice of the Viola Flower (Pansy)

Some Irish landscapers think Pansies have an old fashioned look about them. But, they are in fact a 19th century creation, developed from the wild flower v. tricolour. In mid Victorian times the varieties with large multi coloured faces were popular and have remained popular in Ireland ever since. In the late 1860s V. cornuta was crossed with the Garden ... Read More »

Landscape Gardening Advice on the Petunia Flower

Varieties of Petunia get bigger, brighter and bolder! The modern hybrids bear showy, funnel shaped flowers on top of the sticky stems, a really dazzling sight when the sun is shining but a sorry one in prolonged wet weather. (like this summer in Ireland…offically the coldest August in many years in Ireland). The Petumia is an excellent bedding plant for ... Read More »

Gardening Advice on the Papaver Flower (Poppy)

The Papaver Flower or Poppy is a flower of nostalgia. A reminder of lost childhood and the fallen dead. The buds bow their heads and the delicate petals are short lived but the modern garden colours are so brightly coloured that the sad symbolism is lost. Some Irish landscapers might not even known about the symbolism and history of the ... Read More »