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Landscape Gardening Advice on the Petunia Flower

Varieties of Petunia get bigger, brighter and bolder! The modern hybrids bear showy, funnel shaped flowers on top of the sticky stems, a really dazzling sight when the sun is shining but a sorry one in prolonged wet weather. (like this summer in Ireland…offically the coldest August in many years in Ireland). The Petumia is an excellent bedding plant for your landscaping garden designs in Ireland. But Irish landscapers also use the Petunia for window boxes, containers and hanging baskets. It is recommended that you cut back the stems if they become to straggly.

Varieties of Petunia Flower

Buy an F1 hybrid of P. hybrida for bedding – there are four groups. The Multifloras bear large numbers of 2 in. flowers. Resisto stands up well to wind and rain. Many colours are available to landscapers in Ireland. Colours such as Apple Blossom, Red Satin, Starfire (red and white stripes). The Double Multifloras also bear 2 inch flowers but they have many petals and look like carnations (Cherry Tart is a good example).

The Grandifloras have fewer flowers but the blooms are larger – 3 to 4 inches across. They are more susceptible to rain damage, especially in rainy Ireland! Cascade is the popular mixture, but there are many single and bi colour varieties like Blue Frost, Red Cloud, and the blue and white spriped Telstar. The Double Grandifloras are the showiest of them all and will stand out in any landscapers garden design. They have huge ruffled blooms in a wide variety of colours. Look for Bouquet, Pan American Double and White Swan.

Landscaping Tips

1) Any good garden soil will do for the Petunia Flower.

2) The Petunia can grow between from 6 Inches and 1 and a half feet.

3) The flowering period is from June to October.

4) Follow the Half Hardy Annual Technique.

5) Plant when the danger of frost is over.