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Gardening Glossary

Dianthus Flower

The Dianthus Flower has a very interesting history that landscape gardeners would be interested in. There are many types and varieties of this flower. Sweet William, Carnations and Pinks belong to the genus Dianthus. The ancient Greeks were very keen on flowers and call the carnation the “divine flower”. The Greeks used flowers for landscaping gardens of the noble classes.  ... Read More »

Delphinium Flower

Landscaping in Ireland presents many challanges. The weather is probably the most challanging as there can be four seasons in the one day. I can be windy, sunny, raining and snowing all is the one day in Ireland! But as a professional landscape designer you have to get use to the elements that nature throws at you. Your landscape designs ... Read More »

Dahlia Flower

The Dahlia or Bedding Dahlia is a knee high flower that can grow between 1 and 2 feet tall. If you are using the Dahlia in your landscaping design projects you can use any well drained garden soil. Choose a sunny spot in your garden for this plant. As with most garden designs think about how each coloured flower will ... Read More »

Cosmos Flower

Some flowers are more popular than others with landscape gardeners and those who enjoy gardening as a hobby. The Cosmos is a popular flower that is easily recognisable. It has a slender shape, delicate foliage and large flowers that look like single Dahlias. This flower could be an addition to a landscaping design by adding colour and a nice texture ... Read More »

Convolvulus Flower

The Convolvulus or Dwarf Morning Glory plant is a bushy plant that thrives in poor sandy soil and produces a lot of really eye catching flowers. This is a plant with character and Irish landscapers might use this flower because of its colours. The flower is brightly coloured with yellow inner colouring. There are several varieties available of this flower. ... Read More »