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Delphinium Flower

Landscaping in Ireland presents many challanges. The weather is probably the most challanging as there can be four seasons in the one day. I can be windy, sunny, raining and snowing all is the one day in Ireland! But as a professional landscape designer you have to get use to the elements that nature throws at you. Your landscape designs have to adapt to the seasonal changes and have the strenght to last through all weather.  One flower that some landscaping experts have used is the Delphinium Flower. The Delphinium or Larkspur Flower is a plant that will grow fast in your garden. It has varieties that would be quite suitable for your both the back and front of the annual border. This is a flower that will add colour to your garden design. It is flower that towers upright and has flowering spikes that bear dense blooms in blue, pink, red and white. It is quite a pretty flower and the foliage is feathery. If you like to design indoor flower arrangements you can the flower heads to display some cute designs.

This flower can grow between 1 and 4 feet tall. If you use any well drained garden soil you will get good results with the Delphinium Flower. The flowering period is from June to August.

Landscaping Tip – The seeds to the Delphiniumo are poisonous. So be carefull!