Kevin Baumann

Kevin Baumann is an award winning landscaper and garden designer. He has over 20 years experience transforming gardens with beautiful and functional landscaping and garden design.

Anchusa Flower

As a landscaper you are constantly looking for ideas and inspiration for garden designs and landscaping. The weather in Ireland causes challanges to landscaping gardens as the seasonal weather is always changing. So, thinking ahead is always a priority when landscaping a garden in Ireland and colour can add new life into old looking gardens. A flower that has a …

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Amaranthus Flower

Flowers have been used throughout the centuries for landscaping gardens but also for a food source. This tradition goes back many generations and has seen a resurgence with the growth of the artisan food culture in Ireland. The Amaranthus flower was used during the Aztrec period to prepare ritual drinks and foods. It has a strong red colour that really …

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Alyssum Flower

This flower is often called the sweet Alyssum. The flower has small honey scented flowers during the summer months which gives the name “sweet Alyssum”. Indigenous to the Mediterranean counties it has a white colour to its flowers. If you are landscaping your garden or trying to add some colour to the landscape this flower could brighten up your garden. …

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Althaea Flower

If you are interested in landscaping design for your garden then you should also be considering how you get that summer garden look.  One way of enhancing your gardens look is by planting flowers beds in your garden. Some flowers take more work than others to maintain but if you ask any landscaper they will tell you it is worth …

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Ageratum Flower

Flowers are a great way of giving your garden a visual lift. You don’t have to be a landscaping expert to plant flowers but having knowledge of flower types and growing seasons certainly does help. The Ageratum flower is a summer flower that performs well during the summer months. It has a long flowering season that lasts until the frost …

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