Hen Houses

Hens are a great introduction to any garden design. They create atmosphere with their clucking and cockcoodowdledooing. Like pets they all have their different characters and are great for kids. They love the left overs from the family table and act as re-cyclers directly back to your plate in the form of delicious healthy eggs. Hens are relatively easy to maintain, and provide food in return for their lodgings. The henhouses vary in size from small mobile ones on wheels suitable for 3-6 lodgers to the larger immobile ones housing up to 16. The coops with wheels are ideal for small gardens and can be moved around onto fresh grass as the need arises, the immobile ones need bigger gardens.

At landscaping.ie we custom build hen houses to meet your every need. What ever the size, shape, design, colour we have the solution for you. Our most popular hen house is the small urban henhouse. This house comes with wheels which enables the coop to be moved over fresh grass every few days. Capable of housing up to 4 hens it is the perfect solution for the urban garden.