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Wilfield Rd, Sandymount. Garden design and Landscaping contract

The brief for this contract was to create a garden design for both children and parents to enjoy. The client required a landscaped low maintenance garden with a minimalist planting style. Garden lighting was a must with plenty of lawn for the dog.

Our landscapers started by removing the mature Grissellinia hedge that surrounded the garden and took up a lot of space. The low walls behind were then plastered and painted to give a clean effect. We then increased the wall height. Our landscapers achieved this by connecting posts to the wall and then covering the posts with horizontal 2×1 latts with one inch gaps between. The wall extension was then painted with Sadolins wood preservative. Wire was then placed through the posts at 6 inch intervals and tightened to create a climbing frame for Trachleospernum climbers. Entertainment areas were then created. The first patio was installed outside the double doors of the house using Cota brown limestone paving. Two circular patios were then created to the back garden connected by a Ballylusk gravel circle. Our landscapers then created two paths either side of the garden using brown chinese cobbles for edging and Ballylusk gravel between. The gravel gave a nice sound when walked on and added to the ambiance of the garden. A lawn was then created between the two paths using instant roll out turf. Roll out turf is better than seeding cause it gives instant effect and is relatively weed free if bought from a good supplier, cost is more expensive but this is out weighed by the advantages. The edging of the paths and the patios provided the mowing edge which will reduce maintainence as the edge will always be intact and allows easier mowing. The beds were then planted with a minimal number of different plant species. The beds on either side of the garden were planted with box hedging and privet lollipops at intervals. This looked very well and will be very easy to maintain.

To the back of the garden we planted tree ferns under planted with phormiums creating an architectural look. Bark chippings were laid in all beds to reduce weeding and to hold moisture in the soli by reducing evaporation. The house was then framed by tall terracotta planters planted with box balls, this looked very well adding a touch of class. Garden lighting was then installed using Hunza fittings which are the best on the market. The lights were placed under each of the lollipop privets and under the tree ferns at the back of the garden. Lighting is so important as it adds whole other dimension to the garden and makes the garden look so differant at night. The shed and dog kennel were then painted with sandtex old english green which looked very well and was worth the effort. The client was very happy with the results and wrote the following testimonial –

”As a non-gardener, I put off doing something with our very basic medium-sized city garden for years. Kevin took our brief which was ‘something simple, classic, very low maintenance, would look well in winter, while keeping the garden shed and an area to entertain. Kevin came up with the perfect design including great lighting which really enhances the garden. The job was completed on-time, within budget. He was flexible, in that any little changes by us along the way were discussed and cost agreed as they arose, so no surprises at the end. Kevin was a real gentleman and a pleasure to work with. I just love my garden now, day and night!” Louise Burke, Sandymount, Dublin 4