One of Kevin Baumanns Clients wins award for Exceptional Garden Design and Landscaping at the 2016 ALCI Awards, Belfast Titanic Centre.

This landscaping award went to Carol Horne, Gilford Rd. Sandymount, Co Dublin, for her front driveway and back garden. This was a challenging landscaping contract due to range of landscape expertise required to execute correctly.



Landscaping Award













Egyptian limestone patio
Egyptian limestone patio
























Granite cobble mowing edge
Granite cobble mowing edge
























Instant roll out lawn
Instant roll out lawn












Double seating areas
Double seating areas












Timber divide & door
Timber divide & door












Storage unit
Storage unit












Bull wire trellising
Bull wire trellising












Standard Photinias
Standard Photinias












The work carried out to achieve this award winning garden can be summarised below:


  • Extend entrance
  • Supply, spread and compact 50mm layer of Ballylusk dust
  • Supply and install apron using 200x100x50mm tumbled oatmeal cobbles
  • Supply and create path using oatmeal granite slabs bordered with tumbled oatmeal cobbles
  • Supply and create beds using 200x100x100 tumbled oatmeal granite cobbles
  • Dig out beds and fill with topsoil
  • Plant up beds with suitable plants
  • Plaster wall
  • Supply, spread and compact 25mm layer of 14mm Ballylusk gravel chippings to finish driveway
  • Re-point capping on wall
  • Install low voltage lighting from the Hunza range


  • Spray lawn and beds with translocated herbicide
  • Supply and lay armoured cable for garden lighting
  • Remove unwanted plants front/back and over hanging branches from neighbour, cart to dump
  • Remove gravel and geotextile from existing beds and dump
  • Repair section of wall
  • Plaster walls and shed with waterproof cement render
  • Supply and install retainer for raised seating areas using cement rendered 4” solids
  • Supply, spread and compact quarry screenings to make up levels for paving
  • Supply and install raised seating areas and step using Egyptian limestone slabs laid on bed of mortar treated with waterproofer
  • Seal slabs before pointing
  • Treat Egyptian patio for efflorescence
  • Seal slabs after pointing
  • Supply and install 1.2M hit & miss wall extension around garden using 4×1” pressure treated Scandinavian Spruce, paint with Ronseal range
  • Supply and install edging for lawn using 200x100x50 Portugeuse granite cobbles
  • Supply and spread 25mm layer of screened topsoil over existing lawn for new turf
  • Supply and install instant roll out lawn
  • Plant up beds with suitable trees, shrubs and perennials
  • Mulch beds front and back with 50mm layer of Greenking soil conditioner including geotextile liner to reduce maintenance
  • Supply and install dividing frame with door, paint with Ronseal range
  • Supply and install new door and window to shed
  • Supply and install new door to boiler house
  • Fill gaps in roof of shed
  • Supply 10 litres of cleaner
  • Paint walls front, back and side with two coats of paint
  • Replace downpipe and shoulder and set up water butt and pump
  • Supply and install trellis wire front and back and train plants
  • Replace fascia, gutter and downpipe on shed
  • Supply box for gas bottle
  • Re-paint wall extension and supply paint
  • Supply and plant suitable shrubs and perennials
  • Supply and install synthetic grass to roof of shed
  • Install low voltage lighting system from the Hunza range
  • Remove all rubbish and cart to dump

The client was very happy with her award and garden. If you require a landscaping expert to build or enhance your garden, please give me a call on 086 8198444.

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