Lawn Maintenance Programme for client in Wicklow

Lawn Maintenance Programme


Cut the grass as often as you are able. For the lawn it encourages the development of fine grasses, deters the growth of weeds, and eliminates coarse grasses. Do not cut too close to the surface as this can weaken the grass and allow weeds and moss to take over.

Month                                                  Frequency

January                                                Topping if mild

February                                              Topping if mild

March                                                   Topping if mild

April                                                      Once a week

May                                                       Twice a week

June                                                       Twice a week

July                                                        Twice a week

August                                                   Twice a week

September                                            Once a week

October                                                 Topping if mild

November                                             Topping if mild

December                                             Topping if mild

Topping the grass in winter is possible to prevent the lawn looking untidy, its also great for clearing fallen leaves. Choose a mild day, when the weather is dry and the ground is not frosted or waterlogged.

Cutting Height

The object is to leave the grass long enough so that it remains healthy but short enough to be visually pleasing.

Spring-Autumn or drought     18mm

Summer                                     12mm

Change direction of cut

Don’t always mow in the same direction. If one cut is made in the North-South axis, change it next time to an East-West plan. In this way you will keep coarse grasses under control and ensure an even surface


To keep grass open on top and have a deep strong root system you must feed regularly with plant nutrients. If you fail to feed your lawn the grass will be thin, patchy and pale. The following is a list of products, which I recommend, and times of year to apply.

‘Lawnsman’ Spring feed                     Mar-June

‘Lawnsman’ Weed & feed                  June-Aug

‘Lawnsman’ Liquid lawn feed           May-Aug

ICI Mosskiller                                     Mar-May

‘Lawnsman’ Winterizer                     Sept-Oct

Not everywhere stocks the above, but ‘Woodies’ stock similar products which are just as good, discuss with instore Horticulturist.

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