Landscaping Dublin Contract, Blackrock

On first visit to this small landscaping contract I was met with an overgrown garden in need of help. Outside the back door was a IM wide concrete path leading onto gravel area which was unsuitable for seating even though this was the south facing position of the garden. Instead the dining area was situated down the far end of the garden directly on the lawn. A small Box hedge transected the gravel area and would work well after clipping and re-shaping. There was a large ugly manhole which really stood out and created an eyesore close to the house. The lawn was patchy but could be restored by importation of topsoil and seeding. There was no edge to the beds allowing the grass to encroach giving no definite break between bed and lawn which is very important. The garden was surrounded by a large overgrown Grisellinia and Privet hedge. There were two nice trees, a silver birch and a cherry. The cherry had become engulfed in Ivy but was still in good condition. The existing shrubs were no great shakes but we would re-use what was suitable. It was clear that there was a big problem with perennial weeds in this garden so a lot of spraying by the client going forward would be needed, we would do what we could through matting and mulching.

After sitting down with the client and discussing various factors including budget, tastes, paving materials and expectations we came up with the following brief.

  • Low maintenance
  • Seating area/dining area to place table and chairs
  • Disguising of manhole
  • Put shape back into garden
  • Cut back hedges and tidy whole area
  • Re-use as many of the existing plants as possible, some having sentimental value
  • Supply and create mowing edge to add definition and stop lawn encroaching on beds
  • Topdress and re-seed lawn
  • Remove large Forsythia
  • Remove ivy from around Cherry
  • Bring in more suitable plants and perennials to mix with existing transplanted plants and create nice planting scheme
  • Use kota brown limestone paving for its brightness, variation in colours and the fact it is a dense stone requiring little maintenance
  • Remove all rubbish and cart to dump

Going on the above information we did what we could on the limited budget available to create a useable low maintenance Garden

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