Landscaping Contract and Garden Design in Riddlesford, Bray, Co Wicklow

The brief for this landscaping contract was for a low maintenance garden to include water features, raised beds, sunken entertainment patio area, lawn, barbecue area, all year round interest and wiring for future garden lighting.

First we surveyed the garden and created a garden design which was based around 3 circles each with a different natural stone paving material, including railway sleeper raised beds, water feature, lawn area and seating.

We then set about clearing the site of unwanted plants, paving materials and rubbish. Remaining plants and climbers were pruned and thinned.

The area for the sunken seating area was then excavated and armoured cable laid around the garden leaving loops in the cable where future lights would be situated. A semi-circular retaining concrete wall was then built and a mole drain installed along base of wall to drain rain water. The wall was then capped with Cota brown limestone and plastered. The material used for the sunken patio was Donegal quartz crazy paving which looks really well when viewed from a raised position. Our landscapers then installed the two upper circles using Cota brown limestone on one circle and black limestone on the other, the contrast worked really well and created interest. The raised sleeper beds were then created laying the sleepers vertically which allowed us create nice curves. Screened topsoil was then imported to fill the raised beds and bring up levels for the sloped lawn area. The lawn was then created using instant roll out turf with cota brown stepping stones leading to the existing shed. The water feature was then created by drilling a central hole through a suitable stone I picked up from a local quarry. Our landscapers then installed a reservoir which would house the water and pump. The water feature was then finished with hosing, central Led light and scottish beach pebble The beds were then planted up with suitable trees, shrubs, perennials and climbers. We then lay geotextile covered with 75mm bark chippings to eradicate future weeding and so create a low maintenance garden.

The client was very happy we came in within budget and loved the results. For Garden design and landscaping contact Kevin Baumann on 086 8198444.

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