Landscaping and Garden Design of a Property in Blackrock, Dublin

The brief from the client for this landscaping contract was to create a garden design which provided an area with more light and space, was child and dog friendly, gave privacy, was low maintenance, had garden lighting, included a shelter for a barbecue and 4 bikes and most importantly came in within budget.

Our landscapers started on the front removing all plants which were planted at ground level and were not giving enough privacy. The front had a lot of paving and looked industrial so we increased the size of the beds to soften and create more scope for planting. Raised beds were installed using railway sleepers, the raised beds would give instant privacy by presenting the plants higher up. The beds were filled with topsoil and planted with mature bamboo and grasses. The bamboos gave fantastic privacy and looked far better than a mish mash of different plants.

The back garden was a very damp and shaded area. Our landscapers started by removing all unwanted plants especially the ones which were shading this West facing garden. The old softwood deck was next to go. The design was then measured out and marked with line paint and sufficient cable for the garden lighting was laid throughout the garden. The raised bed was the first to be installed using 4″ solids laid, flat 4 courses high. This was then capped with Cota brown limestone and plastered. This raised bed would again provide height in the garden but also double up as seating which is very welcome in a small space. Our landscapers then created two semi-circular steps outside each door to soften the squareness of the garden, square steps would have looked very boring and expected. Next the 2 patios and connecting path were laid again in Cota brown limestone. All the paving was then bordered with 4″x4″ Camel dust indian sandstone cobbles, this really set off the paving and added definition to the space. Our landscapers then constructed the pergola. This was created using pressure treated timber of different dimensions, 4″x4″ for the posts, 6″x2″ for the beams and 4″x2″ for the joists. The half of the pergola behind the shed was roofed with perspex to provide shelter for barbecue and bikes hidden from the eye. Topsoil was filled and spread within beds where needed. All beds were then planted with suitable trees, shrubs, perennials and climbers. The low voltage lighting was then installed at strategic points within the garden. The lighting system was made up of 10 20 volt uplighters which looked fantastic at nite. Garden lighting is so important as it adds a whole new dimension to a garden. All beds were then mulched using geo textile matting covered by 75mm bark chippings to virtually eradicate any future weeding.

The client was very happy with the garden especially the change from a damp shaded garden to a bright dry garden. If you like what you see and want an affordable garden carried out to the highest of standards call Kevin Baumann on 086 8198444.

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 Before: Landscaping and Garden Design of property in Blackrock, Dublin


After: Landscaping and Garden Design for property in Blackrock, Dublin

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