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Completed Wicklow garden design
Completed garden design in Wicklow by our team of landscapers

This Wicklow landscaping Contract was situated in Southern Cross, Bray, Co Wicklow. The area to be landscaped was a North facing sloping site. The sloping lawn was in bad condition and full of weeds. The surround consisted of concrete post and panel configuration, put in haphazardly, as is usually the case. Luckily most of the surrounds were covered in climbers including Cissus striata, Lonicers spp., Hedera helix and Jasminum spp. There were few existing plants, the only one of note being the Mountain Ash tree at the back of the garden. There was a 10’x8’ garden shed in the left hand corner. The house was bordered by a concrete path with cobble lock leading to the back door. Both the path and cobble lock were well below the DPC.

Marking out of upper and lowre circles
Marking out of upper and lower circles
Beginning upper level
Beginning upper level

After surveying the site and taking photos our team of landscapers sat down with both clients to discuss expectations and desires for the space. They had drawn up a rough sketch which was based on circles. The client brief included the following:

  • Low maintenance garden design 
  • Tight budget, any over runs to be discussed beforehand
  • Water feature for sound and bird life
  • New lawn
  • Plenty of patio for seating and entertaining
  • All year round interest, include at least one Japanese Maple
  • Soften sections of fencing not covered by climbers
  • Keep shed
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Stepping stones
  • Circular theme, lots of flowing curves
  • Railway sleepers
    Slabs laid directly on path and cobbles, reducing cost
    Slabs laid directly on path and cobbles, reducing cost
    Preparing for Donegal crazy paved circle
    Preparing for Donegal crazy paved circle
    D.I.Y Waterfeature
    D.I.Y Waterfeature

Going on the rough sketch and above brief I came up with a garden design that included circles, raised beds, contrasting paving materials, homemade water feature, new lawn, stepping stones, sunken seating, raised bed to double up as seating and strong planting scheme. Unfortunately, the budget didn’t stretch to include garden lighting. Armoured cable was installed throughout the garden for future lighting when funds became available. The following is the work Schedule implemented to complete this Wicklow landscaping Garden design:

  • Supply and lay 4 core armoured cable to water feature and existing garden shed
  • Supply and lay low voltage cable from shed for future garden lighting
  • Supply and lay black limestone area outside back door and up to proposed limestone circle using mixed sized slabs
  • Supply and install raised sleeper bed leaving alcove for barbecue
  • Fill raised bed with screened topsoil
  • Prepare for sunken seating area including mole drain around circumference of proposed 4m circle to take water
  • Supply and install lower 4m circle using Donegal quartz crazy paving, leave 4” gap for drain
  • Supply retaining wall around circle using cement rendered 4” solids, creating raised bed and seat at back of circle. Finish retaining wall with parex coloured render and Indian sandstone capping. Fill drain gap with Glenview beach pebble
  • Supply and install marine grade ¾” plywood against fence and shed to protect from soil. Protect existing Mountain ash with 9” waving pipe, fill with pea gravel
  • Fill raised bed with screened topsoil
  • Supply and install upper 4m circle using 600x600mm Camel dust Indian sandstone slabs, create step between upper and lower circles using 300x300mm slabs
  • Frame steps with planters and plant with spiral Buxus specimens
  • Supply and create water feature using large handpicked granite stone, finish around water feature with Glenview beach pebble
  • Raise existing shed and lay sleepers to protect
  • Supply and install mowing edge for new lawn using 200x100x50mm oatmeal granite cobbles
  • Supply and spread topsoil to bring up level of grass area, supply and install instant roll out grass
  • Prepare final bed for planting
  • Supply and install new side gate
  • Seal all Indian sandstone with suitable sealer
  • Remove all rubbish and cart to dump
    Flowing lines
    Flowing lines
    Completed circles
    Completed circles

The planting consisted of tried and tested plants. These plants I have used down the years with very little problems. Each plant was chosen to put up with individual conditions posed in different areas of the garden. The low maintenance planting design included Cotoneaster congestus, Helianthemum ‘Raspberry Ripple’, Acer palmatum ‘Sango-Kaku’, Pittosporun tobira, Skimmia japonica, libertia spp, Buxus sempervirens (Spirals), Spriea japonica ‘Gold mound’, Dicksonia antartica, Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’, Rosmarinus prostrates, Trachleospernum jasminoides, Agapanthus ‘White dwarf’, Erica carnea spp., Nandine domestica, Genista Lydia, Phylostachys aurea, Fatsia japonica, Helleborus foetidus, Myrtus ‘Glanheim Gold’, Polystichun setiferum, Hydrangea petiolaris, Hedera helix ‘Gold heart’ and Parthenocissus ‘Veitchii’. All beds were then covered with mypex geo-textile matting for weed protection. The matting was then disguised with a further 50mm layer of bark mulch. This double layer will reduce weeding considerably and help plants during drought, preventing evaporation from the soil.

Waterfeature with cenrtral light, resevoir disguised with Glenview pebbles
Water feature with central light, reservoir disguised with Glenview pebbles
Completed Wicklow garden design
Completed Wicklow garden design

The clients were very happy with their dream garden! If you require an expert landscaper in Wicklow contact Kevin Baumann on 086 8198444.

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