Garden Design and Landscaping, Inchicore, Dublin

The brief from this landscaping client was to remove existing fencing and replace with new picket fence.

A space for parking one car was required with gravel to be the surface. The garden design was to be low maintenance with railway sleepers included as the houses in this area were once accommodation for families that toiled in the railway yard close by.

This landscaping contract was started by removing unwanted trees, shrubs, perennials and climbers. The existing fence was then removed by our landscapers along with any other rubbish on site. Railway sleepers were then cut into 60cm lengths and laid vertically into a bed of concrete and tied together with screws. The sleepers defined the shape of the parking space, paths and raised beds. All grass and soil was then removed to a required levels and used to fill the various raised beds. Terram geotextille was then laid everywhere except raised beds and covered with 75mm of Ballylusk dust to create the sub-base. Ballylusk dust and gravel is supplied by the O’Reilly Bros in Ashford, Co Wicklow and the fact that both is the same colour means the surface stays clean unlike driveways where the sub-base is a differant colour than the gravel. The dust is then compacted and covered with a layer of 25mm Ballylusk gravel. This layer is then compacted embedding the gravel into the dust beneath. This technique creates a very stable surface which is easy to walk on, pull a wheelie bin or bear the weight of car wheels and leaves no ridges.

A pergola was then constructed using pressure treated posts and copper piping. The pergola had the effect of adding height to the garden and framing the front door. All the beds were then planted with suitable trees, shrubs and perennials with the pergola planted with climbers. To create low maintenance we laid geotextile matting covered with 75mm bark chippings around all the plants in raised beds.

The client was very happy with the results and we still maintain this garden ten years later. Although created a while back the garden shows no sign of wear and improves every year.

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