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Garden lighting or landscape lighting adds another dimension to the enjoyment of outdoor living. It enhances gardens by lighting up decks, garden sheds, buildings, pavilions, trees and shrubs, ponds, waterfalls, pergolas, driveways. Landscape lighting adds character to the environment you live in. If its dry outside, landscape lighting entices you out to take in the evening, or if wet, it can be enjoyed from inside.

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At we install stunning outdoor garden lighting for clients across Dublin and Wicklow. Request a quote today to learn more.

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Water Feature Projects in Dublin and Wicklow

Outdoor Nighttime Garden Lighting Project in Shankill Dublin 

The garden lighting in this project in Shankill, Dublin created an ambient and relaxing environment for the whole family to enjoy no matter what time of the day. Uprights, downlights, and different light colours created a modern design that brought the whole garden and seating area to life at nighttime. 

Outdoor Nighttime Garden Lighting in Rathfarnham Dublin

The lighting in this garden in Rathfarnham, Dublin helped to create a wow factor to stand the test of time! The lighting focused the attention on the fine design and detail in the hardwood deck and raised beds, creating a relaxing ambience that could be enjoyed well into the night.   

Outdoor Nighttime Garden Lighting Project in Leeson Village

I am proud to say that this project won the top award at the A.L.C.I awards 2007 for best landscape contractor and design. The lighting created a contemporary atmosphere in the garden and enhanced the main features including the patio, water feature, hardwood deck, mirrors, and pergola. View the full project to see more of this award-winning project!