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Landscaping Services – Linaria Flower

The Linaria Flower or Toadflax is a bright flower that would look well in any Irish landscapers garden. The way to grow Toadflax is to sow it in small groups in autumn or spring at the front of the border or your garden rockery. It is a good plant for children if the seeds are sown very sparsely. No thinning is required and the compact, bushy plants bear small snapdragons in a wide variety of colours. Trim off the dead flowers once the first flush has faded. There are many different varieties of this flower. The Maraccona are generally low growing flowers that reach 1 foot or less. The type that is most widely available is the Fairy Bouquet. Any well drained soil in Irish gardens will do for this flower. The average height is between 9 Inches and 1/5 Feet.

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