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Landscaping Services – Iberis Flower

Some flowers are more hardy than others. Some can survive the most driest of weather while some can survive wet and damp weather. This is the nature of flowers and how they adapt to their surroundings. One flower that stands out in most landscapers minds and for those that provide landscaping services is the Iberis Flower. Called the Candytuft, it is one of the most hardy of all annuals. Unlike most flowers that landscapers use, this flower really thrives in badly condition soil. It can be used as an edging along pathways in your landscaping garden designs. It is a quick growing plant that produces clusters of fragrant white, pink or red flowers. The blooms may be numerous enough to cover the leaves. These flowers can grow between 9 inches and 1 and a half feet. You would be recommended to sow the seeds in September or March where they are to flower.