Landscaping Ireland - Ipomoea Flower
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Landscaping Ireland – Ipomoea Flower

Landscapers use flowers across their garden designs. From bedding to garden climbers, flowers are used as a visual aid to designs. Landscaping in Ireland is often viewed as tricky due to our varied weather and the reaction of flowers to our weather. We can have four seasons in one day in Ireland! A flower that is a lovely garden climber that landscapers use is the Ipomoea flower. It has wiry stems that twine around upright supports. The heart shaped leaves are sometimes seen adorning trellises and pergolas during the summer months.

There is not that much foliage with this flower so if are a landscaper and you are using the climber to screen a neighour, it would not be very effective. The flowers are borne in quick succession and only last a day. Any well drained soilwill suffice for the Ipomoea flower. It is recommended that you find somewhere sunny and sheltered for the flower. The flowering period is from July to September.