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Landscapers Dublin – Limnanthes Flower

Landscapers in Dublin and across Ireland are very familiar with the Alyssum flower. But if you want a change from the Alyssum flower you could try the Limnanthes Flower. Why? You may ask yourself. There are a couple of reasons why you might want to try the Limnanthes Flower. It is a very colourful flower that would like well in a landscaping design. It has two toned flowers and is attractive to bees. The ferny foliage is pale green and the low growing, spreading plants make excellent rockery specimens.

The Limnanthes is also known as “The Poached Egg” Flower. The yellow petals have a distinct white edge which is where is gets its name from. For landscape garden designers this flower is easy to grow and has a long flowering season. The Limnanthes has a sweet fragrance and the blooms are plentiful when grown in a sunny area of your garden. The flowering season is from June to September.

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