Landscapers Advice on the Paeonia Flower
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Landscapers Advice on the Paeonia Flower

Paeonies are the Irish aristocrats of the herbaceous perennial world! The flower stalk rise up above the attractive foliage and each one bears several blooms, blooms which make most other garden flowers in garden designs look understated. Vast bowls of petals up to 7 Imches across with single semi double, double, or anemone flowered in a wide variety of colours. Irish landscapers like to use this flower due to the variety of colours. If you are a landscaper and thinking about using this flower in your garden design there are some things you need to consider: The double lasts longer than singles. The type of specimen will determine the month when the plants can be expected to bloom.

For planting the Paeonia Flower in your Irish garden design, choose an open sunny spot but try to avoid a situation where early morning sun will shine on the plants. Early Autumn in Ireland is the best time for planting and the soil should be deeply dug and enriched with compost or leaf mould. Set the crown of the plant no lower than 1 Inch below the soil surface. The main thing that you need to remember as a landscaper is to leave the plant alone – it may not flower in the first season and will not be established for three years. Avoid transplating at all costs and do not try to divide clumps to increase your stock. The rules are quite straightforward for landscapers – mulch in Spring, Stake the stems, water when the weather is dry (not very often in Ireland) dead head faded blooms, feed with a general fertilizer in late summer and cut down the stems to ground level in Autumn.


The common or May Flowering Paeony grows wild in many parts of Europe and is an old cottage garden favorite. The 5 inch blooms are red in the wild species but you can now get double varieties in several shades for your garden design. The most popular Paeonies are the varieties of the Chinese or June Flowering Paeony. The blooms are up to 7 inches across and the range of colour and flower shapes is extensive. For different designs in your garden their are singles such as William Cranfield.

Gardening Tip

The Paeonia will do best on full sun. Use well drained garden soil.