Landscapers Advice on the Iris
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Landscapers Advice on the Iris

Some flowers are easier than others to give advice on. This is due to the complexities of flowers. Landscapers use flowers in their garden designs to brighten up and add zest to a design. The Iris flower can really brighten up a garden design. Irises are a vast group of plants ranging from bold flowering specimens with 4 ft stems to tiny alpines peeping above the earth. For landscapers, classification is complex but getting a working knowledge of the main types is not difficult.

There are two basic groups – the Bulb group and the Rhizome group. This latter group contains the most popular ones and they are dominated by the Bearded Irises. The thick rhizomes bear a fan of flat, broadleaves at the tips and should be planted soon after the flowers have faded, choosing a day between midsummer and early autumn when the soil is moist. Set the rhizomes about 1 ft apart and leave the top half uncovered but if the soil is sandy completely cover the rhizome. Trim the tops off the leaves. Most gardeners look no further than the Bearded Irises but there are many to choose from.

Landscapers Tips Ireland

The Bearded Irises have been given many names over the years and some landscapers might know are, Flag Iris, German Iris and June Iris. The 3 sections are based on height and are derived from several species. The tall section includes thousands of hybrids. A few names familiar to landscapers in Ireland would be, Party Dress, Jane Phillips.

The Beardless Irises are separated into several sections. Some of the most popular ones include the Sibiricas, Winter Flowering Irises and Water Irises.