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Landscaper Ideas – Lavatera Flower

If you are an Irish landscaper and you are looking for a bushy plant to provide a hedge for your garden the Lavatera or Annual Mallow could provide you with the solution. The Lavatera has a stunning pink colour and has trumpet shaped flowers that are three to four inches across. This is large enough to stand out in your garden design. There are many varieties available to landscapers in Dublin and across Ireland. “Loveliness and Tanagra” are poular varieties used by landscapers. They produce beautiful pink flowers that look brilliant in landscaping garden designs.

The compact varieties of the Lavatera flower grow about 2 feet high and no not require stalking. The “Mont Blanc” variety bears white flowers and the new “Silver Cup” has the brightest of all Mallow Blooms. When planting this flower you can use any resonable garden soil. Find a space in your garden that is sunny or in light shade. The flowering period for the Lavatera Flower is from July to September.

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