Irish Landscapers Advice on the Malope Flower
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Irish Landscapers Advice on the Malope Flower

Above all else, your garden is a place for flowers and flower design. This is one of the things that keeps landscapers interested in designing gardens. There are endless possibilities with designing your garden and you can have lots of fun doing so. In todays advice for Irish landscapers I will be talking about the Malope Flower.

The Malope Flower is similar to the Annual Mallow. Both form 3 foot bushes bearing trumpet like flowers. These can grow between 3 or 4 four inches across during the summer months in Ireland. The Malope colour range is wider though and less likely to fail. Blooms are borne abundantly and the plants don’t require staking.

The Malope is sold either as M.trifida or the large flowering strain M trifida grandiflora. A good mixture will produce plants bearing white, pink, crimson and purple flowers. The flowers are carried on long, firm, stems and are excellent for cutting.

Top Landscaping Tips

1) Any well drained garden soil will do but light or medium land is preferable. Choose a suuy spot in your garden.

2) The average high that you would expect for the Malope Flower is 3 Feet.

3) It is recommended that the spacing is 15 Inches.

4) The flowering period for the Malope Flower is from July to October.

5) Sow seeds in April where they are to flower. If you decide to sow the seeds indoors do so in the later parts of winter or early spring time. The temperature that the seeds should be is 20+°C on the surface of a seed compost.