Irish Landscapers Advice on the Malcolmia Flower (Virginia Stock)
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Irish Landscapers Advice on the Malcolmia Flower (Virginia Stock)

Like anything flowers go into and out of fashion. One minute every gardener is planting one variety then the next minute a new variety will be popular….thats life!  One of the flowers that fit this bill is the Malcolmia Flower or Virginia Stock. It is a really easy flower to grow and maybe it doesn’t give gardeners enough of a challange. A thin scattering of seeds anywhere, like shady areas, cracks and betwen stones, and after a few months the plants are in flower. If you are just starting off as a landscaper I would recommend a flower that like this to grow because of how easy it is to grow.


Maritama – This is usually bought as a packet of mixed seed. It is not necessary to thin the seedlings and the slender stems soon bear beautiful little flowers. They vary is colour from white, mauve, pink, red, blue and on the odd occassion, yellow. Single coloured varieties such as the Crimson King are also available.


Any good garden soil would do for this flower. It is adviced that you plant in an area with sun or partial shade.

The  Malcolmia Flower (Virginia Stock) can grow between 6 and 9 Inches. They bloom for several weeks 1-2 weeks after sowing. Sow the seeds in spring for summer flowering, summer for late summer flowering or in Autumn for blooming in the Spring.