Irish Landscapers Advice on the Lobelia Flower
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Irish Landscapers Advice on the Lobelia Flower

In todays blog post we will be looking at the Lobelia Flower. You may have heard of this flower as it is quite popular amongst gardeners and landscapers in Ireland. In fact it is probably as poular as the Alyssum flower. The Lobelia will give you really impressive and long lasting flowers if you take care of it properly. Some tips here:

1) To soak the flower thoroughly when the weather is dry.

2) To induce bushiness pinch out the tops when the seedlings are 1 Inch high and transplant as small groups rather than singly.

3) Any reasonable garden soil would do. You can buy garden soil in andmany DIY shops like Woodies.

4) Find a place in your garden where you can plant the flower and it will get a decent amount of sunlight. This is important for the growth of the flower.

5) Another good tip is to plant after the frost has gone from the ground. I know this is hard to do in Ireland when the weather is unpredictable and you might find frost up until late April.

6) There are hundreds of varieties of the Lobelia flower. Choosing the right one for you really depends on where you want to plant the flower.  If, for example you want to display the Lobelia as part in a design  along borders and walks in your garden design, then you can use the Lobelia Erinus. If your garden has little to no sun the Lobelia Siphilitica would be an appropriate flower to use.