Irish Landscapers Advice on The Campanula Flower or Bellflower
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Irish Landscapers Advice on The Campanula Flower or Bellflower

The campanula flower is a flower that most Irish landscapers will automatically recognise. It is quite popular in all sorts of garden designs in Ireland. It has large flowers are they are either star shaped or bell shaped and the usual colours are blue and lavander. The stems are upright and the flowers appear betwen June and August. The arrangement of the flowers on the stems gives a clue to the species and all varieties are good for cutting.

Top Landscapers Tip – Keep an eye out for slugs, stake tall plants and dead head to prolong the floral display.


Depending on what garden design ideas you have you will choose from the varies varieties available to you. Irish landscapers can get varieties easily these days with an abundance of garden centres across Ireland. Nearly all border Campanulas belong to one or other of 4 species. C.persicifolia is the most popular, growing 2 or 3 feet high. The cup shaped flowers are borne along the wiry main stems which rise above a basal rosette of evergreen leaves. Telham beauty is an established favorite among Irish landscapers. If you want something different for your garden design try Snowdrift or the double flowered Bernice.

C.latifolia is a taller species than persicifolia and the larger flowers are shapedlike long bells. They are borne on tall spikes and there are several recommended varieties like Alaba, Brantwood and Gloaming. The other species is C.glomerata. In this species the small bell like flowers are borne in spherical clusters.

Landscapers Tip – Plant cuttings in a cold frame in spring or divide clumps in autumn or spring.