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Arctotis Flower

Gardening is a passion for many people in Ireland. It helps you to relax and allows you to be creative by using a variety of landscaping designs. Colour and variety is a great thing when it comes to landscaping. You can try a huge variety of flowers in your designs. You can also use water features and outdoor lighting to really make your garden come alive.

One plant that is quite interesting, bright and colourful is the Arctotis or African Daisy. It has daisy like flowers and a long stem that is quite similar to daises. The Arctotis is often recommended for cutting. You can get a variety of groups with the Arctotis that can add colour to your landscaping garden designs.  The grandis produces flowers with white or pastel petals surrounding a blue disc. Another type is the Hyrbria . This is often sold as a large flowered hybrid producing 4 Inch flowers in a variety of stunning colours. The flowering period for the Arctotis is from July to October and will really thrive in full sunlight.