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Lawn Maintenance Programme for client in Wicklow

Raised beds

Lawn Maintenance Programme Cutting: Cut the grass as often as you are able. For the lawn it encourages the development of fine grasses, deters the growth of weeds, and eliminates coarse grasses. Do not cut too close to the surface as this can weaken the grass and allow weeds and moss to take over. Month           ... Read More »

Low Maintenance Gardening Contract, Co Wicklow.

Plastered walls

On visiting this contract the property was being renovated by builders. The front was quite small, so use of space would be at a premium. The back was exposed to neighbours on both sides due to low 1.4M high walls., The walls were old, unplastered and weak. The back wall was higher to 2M and built with natural stone, the ... Read More »

Rathfarnham Contract, Landscapers Dublin

I was recommended to this landscapers contract by a previous client from another landscaping contract in Rathfarnham. The job was for the back garden only. The access to the back was good and posed no problems for transport of materials. There was an old shed in the corner, two large trees a Eucalyptus and an Acer, the beds had good ... Read More »